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A smart, gorgeous girl that loves to plan EVERYTHING. Very sociable and known for her happy-go-lucky attitude. She also loves to wear animal print, probably cause she's from Africa.
Hey, is that that a tiger? No wait, it's just Aalia.

Stop pulling an Aalia.
by icecubes101 April 12, 2011
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Asia's are amazing and nice and beautiful

She is all you will ever want in ya life


Girly girl and a Tom boy whenever

Aggressive in some ways but caring in another

Rly rly bad trust issues ,never shows her angry side because it can get out of control ,never get on her bad side ever u will regret it .
"Hey aalia "
"......Kay bye see u next week "
by Jefffren August 02, 2019
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A cute girl who is often over looked by everyone around her. Although she is very obsessive.
Hey look it’s that Aalia bitch.
by Joshturner April 07, 2019
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Aalia is a pancake , no boobs , no bum but only the tiniest of eye sockets and three unknown shepherds in her bathtub . She has a camel of hearts and a heart as massive as a tarantula rexus. Along her with her skinny waist comes a huge fun personality, everybody wants an Aalia in there life
Omg I love Aalia
by OhThatSmellsPongy!Pwah February 26, 2018
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Aalia is a gorilla that likes to talk about people she takes your stuff and she’s crazy but also she use you for your stuff so don’t let her come to your house she stinks and she don’t take showers she’s a thot she breaks up your relationships so she can steal your boyfriend DONT LET THAT GIRL IN YOUR HOUSE SHES SCARY SHES PROBABLY CAME FOR AFRICA
Aalia She talks about everybody don’t be her friend and get in trouble talks about you behind your back
by SAMMY_09 May 23, 2018
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