Positive: They're gonna have fireworks AND barbeque, AYFKM?

Negative: You started today and you're telling me what to do? AYFKM?
by markusgc March 5, 2010
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It is a acronym for are you fucking kidding me hence "A"(are)"Y"(you)"F"(fucking)"K"(kidding)"M"(me)
I walked out to see my car was stolen #AYFKM
by Jodfkjsbvkjajonnyblazin1984 February 15, 2018
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The final score was 63-17?

by Dusty March 1, 2005
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Are you f*cking kidding me?
After my girlfriend said we were no longer hitting it, I said "AYFKM?". She said "yes" and introduced me to her new man. Damn!
by JDawg0821 October 3, 2007
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are you fucking kidding me? One my favorite phrases!
Hey I saw Tom Dalay on tv today! reply AYFKM I thought that fuck was in jail.
by h2o dude May 8, 2009
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It's a text acronym for "Are you fucking kidding me?" as in, can you believe he/she just did that/said that, etc. A longer version of WTF.
I just caught him cheating again!!!
by lizzibee2 April 10, 2014
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I've been to the DMV three times this week and I still haven't got my plates.

by ZaZa G January 28, 2019
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