Guy 1: "Yo bro, did you really eat that ass out last night?"

Guy 2: "Fuck yea dude!!! We straight ATM'ed at my crib!"
by manwhoeatsu October 18, 2012
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All Terrain Masterbater
someone who is so incredibly bored and horny that they masterbate anytime and anywhere possible.
Man he is such an ATM i cant believe he jerked it in the gravel pit!
by joelarryasshole January 30, 2007
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Ass to Mouth means person A is fucking the ass of person B. Person A removes cock (prior to cumming) from ass and inserts in mouth of person B.
Mmmm...the nutty brown flavor of ATM.
by Anon April 06, 2004
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a) (apples that melt): valuables left ''unattended", especially food , consumed in the blink of an eye by other family members, left on your kitchen table
b) (assholes that matter): teachers in high school you absolutely hate, but whose class you must absolutely take, and pass, in order to graduate.
I mean we have all had an atm, definition, b), right?
by sexydimma February 28, 2015
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Angry Troll Monkey: Angry, loud, obnoxious girl that looks like a mix between a monkey and a troll. Watch out, some ATMs have been known to fling their own poo like their monkey namesakes.
"Damn, last night I had this crazy ass anal sex with this ATM! She even gave me some ATM (ass to mouth) action! It was hot yo!"
by Mr. Ballsack February 18, 2005
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Ass to mouth, is when a man is fucking a girl in the ass then "transfers" his cock to her mouth so she can taste her sweet own ass.
I'm gonna atm that bitch tonite!
I bet she's an atm!
by peter pumpkin October 26, 2006
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Awareness Through Movement. Group classes in the Feldenkrais Method.
So, are ATMs really just a bit of twatting about on the floor in the hope you'll be less of a tit?

Yeah, i guess that just about sums it up!
by HollaBackGirl2 December 18, 2007
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