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The angry troll is a sex move that has been attempted by few and perfected by none. The move calls for two players, a man and his shorty. When the man and his shorty are participating in sexual intercourse (any oriface will suffice as long as the man is behind the woman) and the climax approaches, the man must act quickly. Speed is an issue because it is unlikely that his shorty will be pleased with the proceedure. He has to remove his member from his shorty and aim carefully at her hair. After he empties his seed in his shorty's hair, the man must immediately clasp his shorty's locks and pull upwards. His shorty will shreak in anger and her hair will be stuck upwards like one of those troll toys.
Man 1: Yo dawg i jus gone give da angry troll to my main ho
Man 2: Son, i kno that a lie cuz no one eva done that right.
by MastaPimp November 26, 2007
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the act of letting your toe nails grow without grooming for several weeks (approxamately 6) and partially through a sexual act,your female counterpart is bent over. in her anticipation of the insertion she is distracted, giving enough time for a full drawback of the leg. the foot is thrown forward in a kicking motion and with the assistance off the elongated toenails the foot is inserted in the anus.
"I bet her ass really hurts, I delivered the angry troll last night."
by M. Bridget November 19, 2007
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