Short for appearance, used by males to describe other males without being labeled gay. Originated in suburbs of Philly as lacrosse slang before spreading to mainstream use.
One laxer pointing out another laxer: Bro, that guy has sick APR!
Another guy: Totally man, his APR is off the charts.

Guy to his friend: Nice APR man that shirt is fresh.
Friend: Thanks dude you know its all about APR.
by nowyouknow125 March 15, 2011
An abreviation used by finance companies meaning All Pakis Refused
I am sorry Abdul you cant buy this car becalse of the APR
by Paul B January 11, 2004
Ass to pussy ratio. The ratio at which a female will have anal sex versus vaginal.
Guy I: A man whats Kim's APR as of last night?

Guy II: 3 to 1. I think she's starting to like it more and more.


Girl I: Shit, my APR went up last night. Its now 2:1

Girl II: Damn, I didn't know you were that kind of freak.
by TjBj August 9, 2010
anal percentage rate. the likelyhood a girl will take it in the ass.
you: yo dogg, whats that girls apr?
friend: shit kid, 50%.
by pditty January 7, 2007
(APRS,) Automatic Packet Reporting System, a type of packet used in Ham Radio, allowing the operator to send their coordinates, bearing and to view the coordinates and bearings of other Ham Radio operators. APRS can also be used to send and receive WX (weather) data.
by 420 Boy February 4, 2018
Audio Pantie Remover. Any song that can help in a mans quest to remove a girl's panties. Typically, if a man would play an apr for any other reason than pantie removal, his straightness should be questioned and his man card revoked.
Boy I: I took her back to my place and put on a little apr.

Boy II: A little mood music works every time!
by Charles LeDoux December 16, 2007
sex position involving white male senior and asian freshman
stop don't touch my apre!!!
by mmm mm good January 28, 2009