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A laptop with a really good graphics card, higher refresh rate display, and fancy RGB lighting to make it look "gamer-y." They are obviously much more portable than a desktop PC but it comes with the cost of poor battery life compared to conventional laptops and less upgradeability compared to a PC.
Me: Yo you want to play some Valorant tonight?
Friend: Yeah hold on, let me just plug in my gaming laptop.
by clothestocommunity April 15, 2021
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The 2020 AP Exams were administered online because of the coronavirus. Everyone must take the exam at the same time in the entire world and 1-2 FRQ questions in 45 minutes decides if you get the credit or not.

Even though the SAT, ACT, and basically the rest of high school had been cancelled, CollegeBoard claims to still keep the exam in the middle of COVID-19 to grant students credit, but we all know that it's because they want student's money.
AP Student in US: Bruh the 2020 AP Exams start tomorrow, and I learned nothing from online school.
AP Student in Asia: At least you don't have to take it at 4 AM.
by clothestocommunity May 13, 2020
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Any game that is overrated or just bad in every way. These games are so bad that it makes you wonder how hard the developers had to try to make it that bad or how unorganized they were when developing the game. Many people call ET on Atari or Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing as the worst game ever but trust me, there's even worse games than those.
imo, Hong Kong 97 is the Worst Game Ever.
by clothestocommunity April 1, 2021
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A software that teachers are using to remotely proctor exams online during this COVID-19 pandemic. The software accesses your webcam, microphone, screen and is a huge invasion of privacy. Their privacy policy even says that it can potentially access other devices on your network -- basically malware. Setting up the software literally takes forever and you could be using that time to ACTUALLY take the exam. And not to forget the constant freezing and glitches if it can't "detect your face."

Overall, a piece of shit and completely unneeded software that is being used to torture students even more during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Me: yo what did you think about that math test?
My friend: thanks to Honorlock not detecting my face, I didn't even finish it and failed.
by clothestocommunity September 15, 2020
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That one Super Pac that's literally is in every single advertisement on YouTube. A lot of their ads are extremely misleading and overly exaggerate what's happening.
Me: Literally just trying to watch the video
Senate Leadership Fund: Here's why Jon Ossoff has been making deals with terrorists.
by clothestocommunity September 22, 2020
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ChatGPT is a powerful and intelligent conversational agent or chatbot that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to user queries. It is a large language model developed by OpenAI that can generate human-like text and engage in meaningful conversations with users on a wide range of topics. ChatGPT is often used in customer support, virtual assistants, and other applications that require automated communication with users. Its name is derived from "Chat" for conversation and "GPT," which stands for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer," the type of neural network architecture used to develop it.
Me: now write the definition in an urban dictionary format

Chat GPT: Alright, here's the urban dictionary version of the ChatGPT definition:

Chat GPT: A badass chatbot that's smarter than your average bear. It's got mad skills in natural language processing and machine learning, so it can understand what you're saying and respond in a way that sounds like a real person. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is the ultimate tool for automated conversation. It's used in all sorts of apps, from customer service to virtual assistants, and it's always ready to kick some linguistic butt. If you need to chat with a computer, ChatGPT is the way to go. So don't mess around with those basic bots, get yourself some ChatGPT action and level up your communication game!
by clothestocommunity March 5, 2023
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A good way to waste your money when you can get a much more comfortable and ergonomic office chair for the same price.
Friend: Hey, you should get a gaming chair cause it increases your FPS.
Me: Umm, no thanks
by clothestocommunity April 15, 2021
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