"we made a pit stop to grab some munchies and gas, and STILL we made it there AOS!"
by Bonzai April 3, 2007
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Arc of Suck

A term used to refer to bad storylines in TV shows.

It is most often used in Smallville forums to refer to the Season 8 arc when Lana Lang returned to Smallville for a few episodes, during which time Lois was absent.
After Lana came and went during the AoS, Clois really lost its mojo.
by canon_iconic_suckit March 12, 2010
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AOS is short for Academy of Science, aka "Academy of Swag". It's a Loudoun County Public School. The members attend their home high school, like Stone Bridge, Broad Run, Briar Woods... on one day and AOS on the other. It's the best of both worlds!
Woah, you go to AOS? You got swaaag.
by nerdygirl:) October 26, 2011
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Army of Skanks-
used commonly to refer to a group of bithcy slutty girls at the Potomac School. class of 2011
person1: "did you see the AOS at Bobby's bat-mitzah last night?"

peron2: "yea. they are such skank-whores grinding with all of the guys there."
by an innocent victim June 17, 2007
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A gang that reps Flushing, Queens, a.k.a Flushtown, Always on Sight, or some shit like that. They got some valid music too so listen to dat shit
Guy 1 "Yo bro, AOS dropped some new shit"
Guy 2 "I gotta listen to that"
Guy 3 "AOS is ass and big K"
Nobody heard from Guy 3 ever again
by guyfromsomewhere January 7, 2019
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ace of spades- in other words greatest card in the deck
Two people play BS. One draws an aos, and the other yells "BS!" The guy says, "Take it," and the other yells, "Damn! it's an aos!"
by iaintaplayahata20 April 28, 2009
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All Options Suck - None of the possible choices or outcomes are desirable.
We can spend Christmas at your parents or at my parents? That's an AOS scenario if I ever saw one.

Freqently the choices open to us in life are AOS. The only thing you can do is pick the least sucky one.
by Stephen McVay January 14, 2004
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