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A Girl whose heart is on her sleeves, Who believes in Giving more than taking. Who counts Herself Second and Others first.
She's like Anju. I miss Anju dude.
by Povertypants November 08, 2017
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Anju is one of the cutest girls you'll ever met! She's exotic and pretty, and has a good heart. She likes to do her own thing and, loves to eat. Alot. But that dosen't mean she's fat. Everybody should have an sweet Anju in their life!
''I met this girl Anju, she's so amazing!''
by UrbanDickS June 29, 2009
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An Asian Jew that's very sweet and cute
Also, the name of a fruit
Anju is so cute!
Don't eat that it's an anju.
by CA3bdr May 09, 2016
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a funny person, who is sometimes stupid, but can be smart at times. She is affectionate and mean. And she looooves BOYS!
"ohh i love you chucky" Anju
by blagnish May 29, 2008
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A very sexy guy with a huge horse cock that will steal your girls and your mum please notice their normally quite tall
Anjus is fucking your sister,mother and your girlfriend in a orgy
by A very peng guy October 23, 2018
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