Aide is a sexy boy who makes every girl drool over him. And he’s a hood home boy.

Who is dope and Has fame.
Aide your so hot.
by TjayDaGoat June 9, 2020
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To be the guy with the fattest dick and is able to get all the bitches and ever hoe wants him and wants to jump on his dick
"See that aide?"
"Yea Id loved to fuck him"
by Thatguywithahugecock June 5, 2020
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There's a place where old people live and have access to nurse, doctors and aides who can help them whit the tasks...
by Rick Garden December 14, 2017
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Is a girl that is really short usually under 5 feet and has had too many boyfriends to count, chances are she was just out of another "bad" relationship and that she is not on good terms with them. She takes things way too seriously and has trouble deciphering what is a joke and what isn't. She has very good hearing as she knows all the gossip about everyone around her, she is also very outgoing as she will talk to anyone. She likes to think of herself as a psychic as she can pick up vibes from someone and determine whether they are worth her time or not, like her own little spidey sense.
Girl 1: "That guy looks miserable"
Girl 2: "Didn't you hear"
Girl 1: "No?"
Girl 2: "He is with Aide"
Girl 1: "Oh, now I get it"
Girl 2: "Poor guy honestly hard not to feel bad for him"
by YourMomsCoochie February 8, 2022
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