Agonize -Thinking obsessively about a one thing or more than one things
She agonized what it would be like to see him again
by Felibelly February 11, 2016
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1. A guy (or girl) who sleeps with random women and their mothers (simultaneously). An agon often gets called back to the womans house several times, owing to his/her ability to sustain an erection long enough to staisfy both women

2. What you call a man that loves pot and turd and smoking deer antlers

3. A coat rack
1. Sam: "Kevin's such an agon. Last week he got with his ex and her mum.. at the same time!"
Jase: "I wish I was a agon!"
Sam: "Me too."

2. I love smoking pot and deer antlers while on the can

3. Just chuck your coats onto my agon biatches
by pseudonym69er September 13, 2008
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To agonize or be agonized. This was created by Moriah Elizabeth in 2019.
"It was a source of intense agonization."
by LNorth June 24, 2022
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a word that is often use as an excuse for a situation, esp. a difficult one.
Agon 'bout that, didn't know you were waitin'.
by kajime March 28, 2007
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Agon is an very nice guy . And he loves e very beutiful girl names lirona and he is for many Girls the heroe. Agon i very sexy
" i wish i was an agon!"
by Lulimuli January 3, 2017
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Agon is e realy sexy and he loves a girl names lirona . Agon is the heroe for many girls
"I wish i was an agon!"
by Lulimuli January 3, 2017
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adj: Having the characteristic of imposing agony (as in pain or discomfort) upon someone or something
Although she thought it was pleasurable, I thought it was agonous when Steph bit my masculine nipples.
by Lionel Fibbs April 27, 2004
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