An afi will dog at any chance he can get unless you have work the next day. Also a fat cunt.
Guy1: fuck afi

Guy2: I hate him
by Bigpp69andcool September 20, 2020
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Afis might sound similar to hafiz . but afis is different because he is the type who will stay and loyal to the person he loves forever . Theres nothing cant stop him from loving someone .. , only death can . He also the straightfoward personality . If he feel that the girl he love is the one , he wont hesitate to ask her to marry him and be with him through thick and thin .

So if you have afis as your boyfriend.Remember you might see someone who is better than him but once you leave him you will regret it .
A: who is that guy , he seems loyal
B: he is loyal , he is afis
by Afis September 14, 2018
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