afg meaning afghans (people from aghanistan). people from afghanistan used to desribe themsleves,
by loverssecret June 2, 2006
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Or a 14-18 year old Afghan boy's interpretation of what it means to be an Afghan. Usually dress in clothes which wouldn't fit their fathers; spike their hair up like John Gotti's grandchildren, love to attend all ages club events (even the overage ones), proclaim themselves to be gangsters or "Gs" (when in actual fact they usually live in the suburbs) and carry an Afghan flag wherever they go.
AFG - "Yo dawg, whaddup b?"
Regular person - "Stop posing"
by Alex em June 12, 2008
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AFG surpasses the level of anything else you may have heard of or seen. Chuck Norris cowers at the sight of this individual. AFG's actions are characterized as being "alldayeveryday". Awesome feats such as winning a connect four game in 3 turns are one of many examples of what AFG does. In short, AFG is super strong, super cool, and super everything else.
Person 1: AFG? All day everyday
Person 2: Yeah AFG AFG AFG alldayeverydayalldayeverydayalldayalldayalldayeveryday
by nahahaha October 25, 2011
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AFG simply means two things all fuckery gang or all family gang 💚💚 this word is often referred to the uk gang 3x3 afgs
there my blood there my afgs
by Hi fgnnxzzdgjn. Vg March 12, 2022
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Away from Game
Ight guys I'm going AFG for a second.
by Danke Memer September 24, 2020
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the most flyest pride in the whole world, if you fuck with one, you fuck with all. Afgz stick together and is styll the most sickkest pride ever.
yoo mann, the girl is afg, we better not mess with her..u nnoe how they say when u fuck with one afg, u fuck with all..
by weeziiee f babiiee March 3, 2008
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