a person above 18 or 21
you're OVERAGE, you CAN'T force or do anything INAPPROPRIATE with people that you know are UNDERAGE.
by noneofyourbusiness_ September 23, 2018
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Old women who think they're hot and think they're totall Milfs but they're not theyre just Overaged, Old and haggered
Cameron Diaz looks so overaged nowadays but did u see her in the Mask. i just had a Bruce Willis
by Jdawgthecool July 6, 2009
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1) When a person over 35 is inappropriately drinking like they are 21 again.

2) Anyone over 21 that goes drinking in Tijuana, Mexico.
1) David Hasselholf, Mel Gibson, and Charlie Sheen all overaged drink.
2) My druncle Louie fell out the chair at the $10 all you can drink place in TJ because he was overaged drinking.
by Soul Stealing Ginger August 12, 2010
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When cleavage bubbles over the bra. Too much breast for the bra.
That chick with the big chest has some serious overage
by TankerJoe February 10, 2015
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