Actually Existing Socialism, a term coined during the Brezhnev era in the USSR (and used sarcastically nowadays to mock leftists and, more specifically, tankies) to refer to the 'real socialism' achieved by the Eastern Bloc countries (or whatever country in specific they like the most) in contrast to their various opponents in the left, regardless of whether or not their economy matched socialist theory.
China and Vietnam are *obviously* AES, nevermind their huge shift towards market liberalism
by Danihype July 19, 2021
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AES is short for Advanced Encryption Standard. It has two definitions:

1) The process in which the U.S. government (NIST) approves a cryptographic standard.

2) The winner of the latest U.S. government cryptographic testing. In this case, Rijndael won. It's a block cipher with a 128-bit block size. It uses a 128-bit, 192-bit or 256-bit key size and is considered to be extremely secure.
The Serpent cipher came a close second to Rijndael in the AES competition.

It's encrypted with 256-bit AES, there's no way you can crack it!
by PorkWaffle January 3, 2012
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n. Awkward Ending Syndrome
When you say good-bye to someone and then realize you're walking in the same direction so you start walking very slowly and hope they walk faster. That's an instance of obvious AES (awkward ending syndrome).

There are countless others.
by mrsmarkmarx August 19, 2011
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Short term for aesthetic, which means the appreciation for beauty.
by Kiwoko July 31, 2019
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an editing software by adobe , short for after effects
friend :“what do you use to edit??”
person: “i use ae”
by mmoonliqhtt June 22, 2019
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AE is the shortened name of American Eagle. AE is widely popular with teenagers and you can find the usual staples such as faded jeans and vintage tees. American Eagle is often compared to Abercrombie due to their similar products, although AE is less expensive and more conservative.
Becka: Look at these cute jeans I got at AE!
Ashley: OMG! So cute and I bet they were cheaper than Abercrombie
Becka: U know it!
by bored2121 October 29, 2005
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another word to agree. often associated with yes, aye, yeah, yep etc, also can mean 'what?' when wanting to ask something quickly whilst confused.

highly scottish.
Gordon; "i well want to get in her pants ae?'
William; "nah man, too good for you fam'


Maria; "whats with her hair, its got split ends up the shaft"
Chantelle; "ae?"
Maria; "her hair looks well bad."
by blaaaah892 November 13, 2011
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