Average Damage per Round
Often used in Counter-Strike and other FPS'
Hey what's your ADR?
It's only 13.2, I've been doing crap lately
by Kazoid July 7, 2015
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This is a shorten version of the phrase: all due respect.
ADR, but I hate your outfit.
by Your Maker February 27, 2008
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Adre is a person who is intellegent and kind. He is also the most awsomest booty clapper ever. Adre is also someone who has a big heart and a big Dick
Oh you are such a Adre
by krosle October 9, 2018
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Short for Adrenaline. An online group of people that DDoS, hack accounts, and are complete badasses. Generally like to fuck with xbox live kids and never pay for anything themselves. Adrenaline iLLuSioNz is the hacking branch
"Omg he has AdR in his name! we gotta get the hell outta here."
by oRedruMo April 13, 2009
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Being a legal adult (over the age of majority, 18) and preparing one’s own icing of preference (i.e. buttercream, chocolate, etc.) and proceeding to dip cookies (i.e. animal crackers, graham crackers, etc.) in said icing to consume.
“I have a sweet tooth and am feeling nostalgic. Feeling something with this leftover icing and cookies, maybe.”
“Make some adult dunkaroos (ADRs)!!”
by Mrs. Grizzle February 5, 2022
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