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Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder.

Yes, an actual disorder. There are several variations and it is often waved off as a "rumor made to sell Ritalin" by the ignorant, arrogant, or some frustratingly ludicrous combination thereof. As a teenage girl with a fairly severe case of this myself, I can honestly tell you that this is a real disorder with real consequences and real problems that have to do with brain activity.

Also, Ritalin is *not* the solution to everything, and from me that's saying something, since it did do a lot for me. However, Ritalin without family counseling, general tutoring and effort from all sides essentially does nothing. Besides, there's some bad side-effects as well; hell, the meds I'm on right now do wonders for my concentration but have made me twenty-two pounds underweight, as an example.

Girl's ADD is also different than Boy's ADD. Girl's ADD often goes unnoticed because of societal gender differences in early childhood. We're not as jumpy or wild physically, so people think we're just shy or typical daydreamers or even typical girls being girls. However, there really are myriad cases of girl's ADD which are undiagnosed.

Adult ADD is also not a myth. An overwhelming majority of people who "grew out" of ADD were really just misdiagnosed; it can be confusing, as ADD often accompanies LD's and other neurological/physiological/psychological disorders. Therefore, most Adult ADD is present, because a lot of people from the 70's and earlier were never diagnosed. ALternatively, it is part of America's insulting trend to blame everything on it.

In short, this is dispell rumors that ADD isn't real, and also to please request that those who are not knowledgeable AND those who don't have anything at all and are just bullshitting to get out of something respect those of us who do have ADD. America's generalizing has made a lot of us uneasy about our futures now that everything bad is wrongly blamed on it.
Furthermore, only 16% (!!) of the population actually has ADD, and some sources even say 6%.

So shut your ignorant mouths about us. Let us do the talking.
by Tova May 25, 2005
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Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

A real medical diagnosis found in the DSM along with the criteria for diagnosis, and treatment.

There are many different symptoms, shown in many different ways, but everyone whom actually has the disorder suffer from a chemical imbalance within the brain.

Opinions as to ADD/ADHD's existence is silly at best. People smarter than us, whose jobs it is to decide these things, have. So, everyone whom states the "fakeness" of the disorder is quite confidently shouting their ignorance.

ADD/ADHD has been around a lot longer than most think-the 1980's was NOT the discovery. Years and years ago, it actually underwent a name change; and I'll warrant that few people who scream "ADD is fake" would have trouble screaming "Brain Damage is fake!" Yep. ADD/ADHD used to be the diagnosed medical condition, Minimal Brain Dysfunction/Damage. Pretty sure that exists too.

Now, the extremely excessive diagnosing of ADD/ADHD is irresponsible and reprehensible and certainly doesn't positively impress the ignorant public. (and before there are more screams, there is absolutely no negative connotation to the word 'ignorant' simply means "unaware of" or "lacking knowledge".
Yes, you forgot things sometimes and procrastinate. But for someone with ADD/ADHD, unlike you, there is no choice being made. It simply happens despite best efforts.
by LadyBlackhawk January 21, 2013
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attention deficit ( hyperactive ) disorder is were the brain chemistry of a individual dosen't produce enough of chemical B(sorry dont know real name) to maintain chemical A(ditto). It is most oftenly found in males and normally shows up during puberty. Altho AD(H)D most likely is present before puberty many idividuals mark that off as kids being energetic like the majority of there age groups. One of the most visible sign of AD(H)D is poor grades and short attention span... hence the name. I was diegnosed with ADD last year but apperently began dealing with it 5 years ago. ADD and ADHD are not the same thing!!!!!!! ADHD is when you compulsivly twich,tap fingers, pat feet, and/or look like the energizer bunny as well as lack the attention span as the norm population.Finally Ridilin(i cant spell Shiz) it not always the answer!!! there are 3 diffent chimical inbalances that cause AD(H)D and ridilin only deals with 2 of dem. Ridilin dosen't work 4 me soo they jacked me up on Concerta and bam result(not really bam results more like long period of time, slow results)

"Hey Bob i got ADHD,look a rabbit,its raining,Blue 42... Blue 42...,what, Green, That cloud reminds me of , Good bye!"
by Randy L May 30, 2005
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