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Anal Cranial Inversion: One's head lodged firmly up into their rectum.
Don't ask for her advice, she's got ACI
by 12kcolg September 18, 2008
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Anus Cleaning Incident

An incident during showering when one cleans his/her anus and water penetrates the asshole accidentally.
Mike: Dude, I had the worse ACI today. Almost pooped in the shower.
Rob: You should have used a low flow shower head to clean your ass.
by innoslang September 03, 2014
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wh- why are you searching this? How did you get here? I have no idea what this is for... anyways uhhhh have a gud day
"Hey A.C.I!"
by January 13, 2021
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some wacky guy with a dino suit and has a odd obsession with planets and moons.....
yo have you heard of A.C.I ? hes going for the mars this time! lets see how this one ends lmao
by junior2255 January 13, 2021
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