Asian Cowgirl. Sex position where the girl straddles the guy while he's on his back like cowgirl except she is balanced on the balls of her feet and is in contact only with his cock. The position can allow for more rapid fucking and produce intense orgasms for both.
My first experience with ACG was with a hooker from Hong Kong.
by Bill Fanning November 10, 2007
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ACG is a group of people online who collaborate together to commit sim-swaps. Most ACG members have over a million dollars in stolen bitcoin in their possession and like to flex their money on poor groups like 764. They all like UK Drill music and saying things like “g”, “yh” and “yo”.
“Yo ur acg? can i please have 10k?”
“yh g, we’re rich asf loool
by richguy123 April 1, 2022
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ACG stands for Anime, Comics, and Games. It is a word used to describe the anime subculture in Greater China. Someone part of the ACG subculture is the equivalent of a Chinese weeb or otaku.

In 1995, a Taiwanese fan of animation and comics using the name "AIplus" established a board at National Sun Yat-sen University's BBS; the board was named the "ACG_Review Board", referring to animation, comics and games. It is considered the first appearance of the term "ACG". Popularizing by Taiwanese anime and comics critique group Shuffle Alliance, the arrangement of the three letters was stabilized, and the term became popular on the Chinese Mainland, in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
by LittleWhole July 8, 2020
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Annoying Child Gamer
These are the 10 year olds whose mothers let them play more mature games like Grand Theft Auto and Far Cry. ACGs usually don't know when to shut the fuck up, talk a load of shit, are sometimes singing or rapping, make jokes about your parents, (particularly your mother) and use expletives way too much.
Normal PSN or Xbox Live player: What's up guys?

ACG: Shut the fuck up you nigger, you suck ass at CoD you noob.

Normal PSN or Xbox Live player: Ok?

ACG: You bitch ass, I fucked your mom last night. And I'm on a 15 kill streak.

Normal PSN or Xbox Live player: You're like 10 dude, you need to chill out major. Not to mention your voice is annoying.

ACG: You nigger, you ruined my kill streak! *squeal*

Whole server: STFU you pre pubescent piece of spoiled, self entitled shit!
by Gtaonlineisruinedbyretards February 21, 2015
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n. (Asian Christian Girl) An attractive asian girl, usually in her late teens or early twenties, who is usually a student that is heavily involved with a campus ministry or her church. Generally, they could blend in as an ABG (Asian Baby Girl), but are not "down". They tend to be cocky as well, knowing that they are the cutest out of all the girls in her ministry, but will rarely give in. If you're looking for a girl that's DTF, she is definitely not someone to go to. A complete opposite to ABG
Peter- Dude that ABG is FINE! ima tap that.
Tim - Nah broseph She's definitely an ACG. NOT down...
Peter- FUCK!!!
by petetimsterothyphamlee February 15, 2011
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American Corporate greed: all things created in futile attempt to make money = EVERYTHING AMERICAN. :)also can used for Greed
MAN, thats so ACG, i could never use it
by Wilitus June 24, 2005
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