3 definitions by richguy123

putting cocaine on top of a weed bowl in a bong to smoke
hey man wanna do a snowy mountain toke with me?

no that’s fucked haha
by richguy123 November 15, 2022
ACG is a group of people online who collaborate together to commit sim-swaps. Most ACG members have over a million dollars in stolen bitcoin in their possession and like to flex their money on poor groups like 764. They all like UK Drill music and saying things like “g”, “yh” and “yo”.
“Yo ur acg? can i please have 10k?”
“yh g, we’re rich asf loool
by richguy123 April 1, 2022
764 is a so called “extorting group” which spends most of their time on d@xbin. They get information on egirls and make them do things like slice “764” into their thighs and make them kill their own pets. Most of them have been sent to jail for their impressive supply of child p@rnography and animal p@rn. They are also known for being very poor and having no funding because they all spend their networth on whitepages and rind#xxx.
“I was let in to 764 today! I’m a real d@xbin egirl extorter now!”
oh nice! didn’t know you got bullied irl.”
by richguy123 April 1, 2022