U.K. slang for African bum control
ibz.sav : yo that Yutes part of abc

K1trappy: rah what a wetty
by Bobbysmith771k July 21, 2020
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Person 1: "Did you do that math homework last night?"
Person 2: "Girl, ABC."
via giphy
by SLANG_MASTER February 24, 2018
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ABC is short for Asian Big Cock
Person #1: Oh my God! He has an ABC even though he looks small and scrawny.
Person #2: That Asian guy has an ABC? What is that?
Person #1: Asian Big Cock
by WHOEVER IT IS January 10, 2017
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ABC. The first three letters that represent the whole alphabet. Mostly used as ABC’s
Learning the ABC’s with (subject)
Person: My son just learnt their ABC’s! I’m so proud.
by Boomer Snake March 08, 2020
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you looking this up because you don’t know your abc’s ?

for any of you dummy’s
by HAHAHAHAHAHÄ June 11, 2020
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