Bob: “I saw ‘AAM‘ in my 12 year old sisters bio, what does it stand for?”

Joe: “Adult Attracted Minor
Bob: “Wtf? I need to have a talk with her, she is an easy target for pedofiles!”
by AndrewMaaaaa July 9, 2020
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Adult-Attracted Minor
Do you know Josh is a AAM? He want to date with a 23 year old person and he's 14!!
by Flays May 14, 2020
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Adult Attracted Minor

a term used by pedophiles to target minors into believing its okay to date older men
Kyle: its okay to be a AAM its a "sexuality"

Zane: no it isn't stop telling that to minors you sick fuck minors shouldn't be getting into any type of relationship especially not with older men
by August 2, 2021
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Sigh, I don't know why I never thought that any minors would even accept MAPs and be attracted to them, but...

AAM stands for Adult Attracted Minor. When I saw this in a minor's bio for the first time, I was way more surprised than I should've been.
"For some reason, seeing AAM in a minor's bio disturbs me even more than seeing MAP in an adult's bio. I thought there would be no minor on Twitter who would actively try and sexually please these disgusting pedophiles, but I was VERY wrong."
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 7, 2022
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A higher description closely related to the adjectives great fantastic and awesome
Last night's party at the club totally tired me out. It was so aames!
by Aeci August 9, 2007
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aam are minor who are attracted to adults or people older then them,they will sometime date people their age and that okay also no you are not an aam if you find adult celebrities hot or want to date them that is a celebrity crush something much different,aams normally have a map panter or look for one some dont that doesnt make them less vaild in anyway
ruby(me):"hii my name is ruby i am a minor and i am attracted adults which means i am a AAM/Adult Attracted Minor"
antis:"that wrong as you cant consent to that type of relationship"
ruby:"yes I can as I understand boundaries and what I want from a relationship also I'm asexual and dont like sexual thing that much"
antis:"no you cant your a minor which means you don't understand that"
ruby:"oh my god just cuz some minors don't understand that doesn't mean all don't"
please understand that just cuz some minors don't understand it doesn't mean all don't
by kawaii ruby September 2, 2022
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