Someone who is good, genuine, nice, etc. See also Sound
That girl bought me a double Aftershock. She's A1.
by Snake March 25, 2006
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Meaning first-class or grade-A. Often used before an offensive word to emphasize the magnitude of that offensive word. Words that could follow A1 include but are not limited to: cunt, bitch, and slut.
After Sally, the puck-slut, blew Todd and the whole hockey team, he slapped her with his hockey stick and said "Sally you're an A1 bitch!"
by Davíd November 28, 2016
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(AKA A number 1) Of the highest rating.
This steak is really A-1!

I would like to get an A number 1 secretery for a change.
by Jekaterina March 23, 2006
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A girl and/or boy that is cute or desirable.
Girl 1: he is so cute.
Girl 2: omg yea he's definitely A1
by Papa Kasper February 20, 2014
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bbq sauce... but mostly a way to describe how awesome/ great you or something are.
person who is hungry: how is your food ?

you: A1
by Wild Owls Sienna August 08, 2016
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a-1 is pretty pure, good cocaine. this slang originated in the bay area of california.
Damn, I was blown of that a-1 yola.
by THE BAYS QUEEN ERICA January 11, 2006
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