Kenneth the best person ever ❤️ that's all like he's so fineee AHHH how is he mine fr idk how I pulled him that's all tho like just fax
My bae is better than yours
by Ava_k0121 July 5, 2022
my bae;berarti kesayanganku/my baby
Berasal dari bae,dari bahasa denmark.
You are my bae
Love you my bae
by Aro Burnett July 29, 2017
Mia is my bae, shes super hot and 10/10 needs a boyfriend. bestie with fairy powers forever
Steve: "Mias hot'
"mia my bae"
by NotZ May 11, 2022
Love this boy so much he makes me so happy:)) finna take his last name and everything tbh🤷 ♀️ he's soo fucking adorable especially when he's happy I love him sm he doesn't even get it 💓 he's so beautiful 9/10 bc im the only 1 for him
Kenneth<3 my bae is gonna marry me fr fr
by Ava_k0121 July 5, 2022
Fr the love of my life i love him so much. He is so amazing and brooo he is sooooo fine like you should see this dude<33 ANDD he's fr so nice to me like kinda making me feel pretty and shi tbh. His hair to omg its so nicee. Gonna marry this dude ngl he's soo perfect ahhhh but He's all mine tho no one else's
Kenneth<3 my bae Is all mine though not yours
by Ava_k0121 July 5, 2022