A made up word with no good meaning aka non existent
When someone asks me what is my Reason to live "Excuse me?"
by KYSALEX May 17, 2018
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Something that may seem elusive at times, but is always there, even if you can't see it. Look a little harder, do a little more, and eventually, you will find that one thing or person, that is your everything.
If you need a reason to live, find love, happiness, yourself and/or what you care about.
by Ceejay44 August 25, 2017
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+yo dude, whats ur reason to live??
-becoming a dilf is my only fuckin goal on life
+seems reasonable.
by ohhi_sharts.and.twerks March 16, 2021
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you want to die but you don't want to
aka: why shouldn't i commit suicide or what is the point of life etc.
Jeremy was at school one day and he asked alex: give me a reson to live
give me a reason to live which means that he had to think of a reason to live
by Fruit Gutz December 3, 2020
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when you cant say how all the reasons to life so you say this
i have zero reasons two live
by miata real October 28, 2020
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