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Kyle is a way to describe a man (Or a way to call a man) who is favored by most and many women for obvious reason. How to spot a Kyle:
Looks. He is insanely gorgeous, and normally would have brown/black hair with bright brown eyes.
Personality? He's cruel to people he doesn't know, but once you get in his inner circle, he's the nicest man in the world. He is generous, but knows when he's giving too much. He is funny, but knows when to be serious.
He knows exactly how to make people smile, no matter how serious you might be.
If you ever bump into a Kyle, try to get him. Because it will be the best thing you'll ever do in your entire life. He's worth everything you've got to offer, but he won't ask for it.
1: Oh my god, my boyfriend is such a buttcrack! I thought he was a Kyle!
2: Do you see that kid over there? Omfg, he's such a Kyle.
3: My friend is definitely a Kyle. I want him so bad!
by polkapolkadottys March 31, 2009
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