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A Deniro is a fake wanna be Italian mixed male or female who's bloodline is unsure since they have an Italian like appearance and usually moles on their face. They can be easily spotted at night clubs with Blacks and Hispanics wearing flat caps backwards or really slutty outfits. When asked their nationality which more often they will bring up than others their response is a firm and usually cocky "I'm Italian" but their last name is usually McCallister or Hubert. They sometimes have some kind of Roman Deity tattoo or something in Italian or an Italian flag tattooed on their body. These people watch Jersey Shore and feel a real connection as none of them except 1or2 are actually Italian. They have fetishes for Black Chicks/Dudes and often are dumber than Channing Tatum.
" Man that dude Robbie looks straight up from Jersey shore looking all Guido like Mike"...

"Nah he's a Deniro, his mom is half Italian or some shit"

Jimmy was denied membership to the ol' Son's of Italy club because he was a Deniro and his heritage could not be confirmed nor denied... he cried himself to sleep with a jar of Lupini beans and a Jersey Shore Marathon
by Tommy Gun Maddox July 11, 2012
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