hee hee
hee hee
by thicklemons June 8, 2019
That was the loudest hee hee I've ever heard
by man of all knowledge February 7, 2020
A term used by Michael Jackson (The King of Pop) in many of his songs. Usually describes a state of happiness or excitement.
"Ch'mone, HEE HEE! Oww! The way you make me feel!"
by JacksonFan90 March 7, 2010
The best way to laugh. Often used by the singer dubbed as the King of Pop (Michael Jackson).
🎵The way you make me feel! You really turn me on! You knock me off of my feet! Hee hee!🎵
by Ilove2tour April 29, 2018
Popularized by Micheal Jackson, it is usually yelled at a very high pitch. Yell/Scream this at random times to make an everyday, boring conversation amusing/annoying.
Guy#1: Nice weather we're having. Perfect for the company picnic.
Guy#2: Yeah i guess....HEE HEE

Kid: Mom! whats for dinner?
by Cwhite17 September 22, 2010
A type of laugh so remarkable, it causes you to make the sound Michael Jackson was known for. (originated by LD)
"That joke Sina made earlier was hilarious"
"I know right, it really made me hee hee"
by nick171095 December 26, 2022