A good dad is someone who looks after there children and when they are promised something they do it and they are always there if they need you
A good dad is a MAN who is always there
by Luren wagstaff October 25, 2017
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A phrase first heard in the BB gun/coming of age movie The Christmas Story. This can be applied whenever a child wishes to butter up his father in order to gain a favor. Over reaching laughter and enthusiasm follows when a marginally funny line is uttered by the dad. It's usually a blatantly transparent attempt as the favor is requested only a short time after the "good one, dad."
Dad: "Look at that! I guess people in fancy cars don't have to obey stop signs!"

Son: (Fake laughter...) "Good one, dad! .......can I have twenty bucks"?
by oldbull December 01, 2011
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A dad who has little to no interest in the lives of his children other than keeping up the appearance of a good father. Dad's such as this will buy their children meaningless material gifts, junk food, and occasional activities to win their child's affection, but will never be involved in a meaningful way beyond a token appearance.
Little Johnny has been in soccer for 5 years. Johnny's dad, Toolbag, shows up at one soccer game and continually refers to this event as a reference to his involvement in Johnny's life. Toolbag could be described as a "good-time dad."
by William H. Thompson November 17, 2007
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Not Thanos
‘He yeeted his daughter of a cliff for a cliff for a shiny rock and tortured the other he’s not a good dad
‘Sir this is 911’
by Shhhhhh the slaves are sleepin December 05, 2019
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