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A rare, odd exclamation. Suitable for all occasions and company. Originates in Upstate New York.
Kid in Car: "What the F...? (Remembers parents) Man Alive! Did you see that ass...knucklehead on the motorcycle?"
by Oldbull June 28, 2009
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Noun used to describe a diseased individual who is compelled to mention, quote, or listen to the music of Tupac Shakur. Often someone suffering from this malady will help spread or become a source for the many urban legends surrounding the dead rapper.
Tupacaholic- "You know, it be just like Tupac said- To be or not to be..."

Smart kid- "Actually wasn't that Shakespeare?"

Tupacaholic- "Why you always gotta be cuttin down the genius son?"
by oldbull May 22, 2010
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The act of being really good at ignoring a ringing phone. Selective hearing as it applies to the telephone.
Mom, "Do you think Kyle is going deaf? He walked right by that ringing phone!"

Dad, "Nah, he's just phone deaf!"
by Oldbull June 28, 2009
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The act of becoming unrelaxed. The state one enters after being relaxed.
Dude! I was chillin'!! Why you come up in here with your B.S.?
Now you got me all dislaxed!
by Oldbull June 24, 2009
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A really bad supermarket characterised by poor produce selection and long lines at the check out.
Homeboy: If we gonna drink tequila we need to stop at the store and get some limes.

Dude: Just don't pull into the Soviet Safeway there is no way they got any!
by oldbull September 01, 2010
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An individual that spent time playing dungeons and dragons. The term refers to the multi-sided dice used to play the game.
Vidkid- My dad is so old he was born before they had video games!

Gamer: Mine was a regular dice nerd and spent his teenage years in a dark room playing Dungeons and Dragons.
by oldbull March 03, 2011
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A phrase first heard in the BB gun/coming of age movie The Christmas Story. This can be applied whenever a child wishes to butter up his father in order to gain a favor. Over reaching laughter and enthusiasm follows when a marginally funny line is uttered by the dad. It's usually a blatantly transparent attempt as the favor is requested only a short time after the "good one, dad."
Dad: "Look at that! I guess people in fancy cars don't have to obey stop signs!"

Son: (Fake laughter...) "Good one, dad! .......can I have twenty bucks"?
by oldbull December 01, 2011
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