A person that has big/huge muscles and good looks
Sagi Kelev is so big I wish I were that buff
by Bodybuilder4ever February 11, 2008
Cartier glasses that are very popular in Detroit, Michigan. Those who own buffs are considered "cool" but people are often robbed for these glasses.
I just bought a pair of iced out buffs.
by keviwill April 6, 2017
To be nude
strippers are in the buff
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
Typically used in combat games of any sort. When a character, weapon, or any sort of combat tool which has had its power, strength or usefulness increased by any sort of degree (large or small)
The Redeemer was buffed with an increased fire rate and higher ammo capacity
by garunixreborn March 18, 2018
when someone is hot, fit, generally good looking.
DAMN, devon is buff!!!
by SeanLovesDevon April 16, 2006
When someone is looking fine u say they are buff (London ting)
Manz was buff
by Jd July 28, 2003