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Stupidest fucking thing to get your father on Father's Day

End of story
what did i get on fathers day? oh i just got a fucking tie

btw i'm not a father, i just think that just giving your father a tie, is like telling your father that all he does is work. why not get him a shirt or a pair of sneakers?
by Not a bum June 16, 2013
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She is a little bitch & she like bigger dick in she rells , she is a good cheater & bad liyer , if you see a girl to have atie name , so fuck she & her mother
If you wanna say : she is bicth , say : she is so atie
by Bigger chain August 16, 2018
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Big footed, Ill mannered, stylish,die hard soccee fan, bald head loving, no English name having singer
When some sings well you say" one is so Atie"
by Magi Apollo April 05, 2018
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