Use this to describe any person who thinks they're a 9 or 10 out of 10 when in actual fact they're a 5 or 6.
Dan: "I pulled a worldy last night, absolute stunner".
Phil: "stop lying Dan, you're a three".
by plasticking59 April 4, 2016
That one group of three friends that talk shit about everyone they meet.

i.e Abbie, Kassidy, and Colton
No the three, she wasn't looking in the wrong town...
by Sour Pickle May 5, 2017
One... um... er... ah, er........ you know, why don't we just stop there?
by The Ugly One February 28, 2004
a shot from beyond the arc in basketball worth three points, as opposed to shots inside the arc, which are only worth two points
Pinnock hit two threes in a row against URI on Saturday.
by kennedy March 5, 2005
The official number of the Illuminati. Usually means that subject in question was made by or is part of the Illuminati.
There are three sides on a triangle! Illuminati confirmed!
by goldencrystalrose May 8, 2016
Count to ten, class. One, two, three...
by Albert February 15, 2004