When a girl gives you a blow job and shes underwater and your legs are in the water
Dude she gave me a blow job while i was fishing. She just went underwater and pulled my pants down and sucked away.

Dude you got a mermaid you lucky bastard
by MMAGuido August 10, 2010
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Someone who is half human (top part) and half fish (bottom part). The human part is usually hotter than the average human (probably to compensate for the fish part). They usually say “aur naur” in reaction to almost everything.
Kyle: Cleo is a mermaid.
Stacy: How do you know?
Kyle: She said “aur naur
Stacy: Ok I don’t care tan LOONA.
by EKimLipse September 16, 2023
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A made up word on the popular new commercial for Match The popular dating site
Stop searching up mermaided because I just made that up.”
by PuesNoSé August 6, 2019
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When someone falls in love with you without you even knowing of their existence, like Prince Eric and Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid.
Dude, that girl from accounting just mermaided me. I don't even know her name and she is totally infatuated with me.
by ilmk92089 August 7, 2019
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When attempting to put pants on both legs go into one pant leg.
I was trying to put my pants on and I mermaided myself.
by KitKat e d April 27, 2013
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Like a catfishing, except the person is real but their intentions are to ruin you financially, emotionally, steal your identity or con you in some other way.

Back in the day, mermaids where thought to lead sailors to their doom by leading them to dangerous storms, crashing upon rocks, or dragging them down under the sea.
I finally got in the DMs with that hottie Mercedes, but all she wanted was for me to get her Snapchat premium.

She was mermaiding me this whole time.
by Savage Sage August 5, 2019
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A hot babe from head to waist, and a scaly fish from the waist to the tip of her tail. Mermaids like to sit on rocks and use either a) their enchanting sirens' songs, or b) the tried-and-true tactic of looking in a mirror and combing their green hair while they display their huge tits in order to lure human men (and especially sailors and pirates and stuff) to make love to them. Note that the mermen and merwomen do not do this, though young mermen have been known to kidnap human women and turn them into mermaids.

Mermaids are described as either mortal (with or without a soul) or fairies, so they may or may not command powerful magic. Some can see the future, turn their tails into hot legs, call up storms, sink ships with tidal waves, and do other cool stuff. Others can sing... and that's about it.

Contrary to popular belief, mermaids can in fact do more than give head. I'd do with a mermaid, because I'm a pirate.
Mermaids don't squirt out fish eggs like Futurama would have you believe. After all, if merbabes weren't born live, they wouldn't have belly buttons!
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
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