A ugly nigga that plays to much
Xaiver said he’ll drop all his hoes for me, he capping out his socks
by Dxnqy October 13, 2020
1. musician
2. nice guy
3. smart
4. knows how to treat girls
5. muli-talented
person 1"Hey did you hear Xaiver last night?"
person 2"Yeah! He rocked that saxaphone!"
by FallingDown July 27, 2011
Xaiver has a huge penis and is know for his way to get women naked

Also very commonly a pornstar
Xaiver was great last night

His dick was so big
by ChuckieFey July 25, 2018
Definition of a f-boy Meaning he gonna play with your heart
Friends talking

*yea me and xaiver talked on the phone last night*
*wait so did I*
*Well he said ily*
*hes playing us what an f-boy*
by Mami chula 😍 August 24, 2020
Xaiver Recker is the type of guy to call when you are feeling bored and need a reliant friend to play video games with. He's is constantly trying to make his friends laugh and ends up cracking himself up. He has 0 confidence so he fakes it till he makes it although he should because if he did he would see how many bitches he could pull. Xaivers will typically have hot siblings and parents. They are so closed off because the thought of rejection and being embarrassed is worse then actaully getting there way. They have major trust issues and run people off the side walk when walking. But you gotta love them because there always there for you. There also loaded asf but only because they save there money. If you ever meet an xaiver recker keep them close because they will be a for lifer.
Me: oh look it's xaiver recker

Person: wow he's so sexy if he just stopped playing league
by Mia Moncado August 15, 2022