A Janet is a database of all the information in the world (which is being updated every second) put together into one robot shaped like a person. A (Good Place) Janet is designed to serve the people of The Good Place and can summon anything. Whenever a Janet gets rebooted, she gets more and more advanced. If rebooted enough times, Janet's can began to experience feelings, like friendship and love.
A Janet is used to serve people. A Good Place Janet is designed to serve the people of the good place. A Bad Place Janet is designed to insult the demons of the Bad Place
by JustARandoGirl December 30, 2020
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A Janet is a loud mouthed, fat, ugly, loud mother fucking bitch who will never get married because she's a Sasquatch who sells sex toys only she uses.

Hey you see that thing rolling our way? Yeah, that's a Janet... Fat ass
by A Janet August 26, 2014
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A Janet is someone Who lies purposely daily. A Janet usually is someone who starts to believe the lies they tell.
You were being a Janet yesterday when you said you had to go to work at 8a.m
by Blanca Ortiz January 16, 2021
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A amazing beautiful woman! Plays fair in everything she does. Enjoys all positive, hates negative. Watch out if you get on her bad side because she will make you regret it. Likes to get things done. Loves children. Sexiest woman on earth. Has the most beautiful smile. Is funny at times but can be serious. Has problems at times but always ends up fixing them. She is a awesome dancer. Likes to rap sometimes. Is very athletic. Has a lot of friends. She is sweet so if you ever date her treat her right and don't let her go. Every time you are around her you will be happy. Always achieving her goals always tries to do her best in everything. She is a hard worker. Loves to hang with friends.
Ethan- Did you see that girl?

Cameron- Yea she was so hot.

Ethan- Yea whats her name?

Cameron- Janet

Ethan- How could I not know she is so beautiful and hot
by Soccerbabe10 March 11, 2014
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Janet, from the Scottish language meaning gift of god or 'god is graceful'
Janet, should not be mistaken for 'Letisha' as that is an entirely different name which has no correlation.
by HeyYouLol August 15, 2018
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a girl who is in it for the long run, will stay with you and has your back no matter. Can get anything or any one she wants. She's the baddest thing walking , sexy and down to earth. Crazy at times but she's a women who can hold her own! Has a mentality like no other. Awesome personality and only the real like being around her! If your looking for a real chick down to ride, you found her!
Janet is a perfect women.
by only the real December 22, 2016
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Janet is a strong girl. Stays loyal if she ever has a boyfriend and even though he can treat her like trash. She leaves but gives second chances. If he fucks up , it's over. She stays strong and gets through it. She has a big ass and she has mad guys trynna get with her. She's really pretty, nah, more like gorgeous.!! She is one of a kind and a great friend who you can trust on and count on.
by Yvng July 4, 2017
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