When a junior boy likes an immature freshman girl.
Ben likes that dumb bitch Rachel. He's pulling a Harvey.
by jokes345 March 18, 2019
To be harveryed. When one is deemed to be harveyed one has drunk oneself into a comma using generic vodka at a party. The result of this coma usually involved the person who has been harveyed projectile vomiting in a dog cage followed shortly by passing out in a feild. One can only be said to be truly harveyed if ones parents are called in the small hours of the morning to collect their comatosed child.
"Hello Mrs Harvey, would you be able to come and collect Andrew, he's been harveyed."
by Jermain Jerome October 1, 2006
Very sexy and loving! Respects all women! Has very big muscles! The coolest guy you will ever meet!
Oi you get on Harvey’s level!”
by blokz June 6, 2020
To have a visible and quite noticeable semi-erection when in public.
My boyfriend was walking around my house infront of my family with a Harvey.
by Carl Watt April 19, 2006
a cool motherfucker, 100% real nigga, fucks shit up.
yo dude, you see that guy at the party last night? he was going harvey!
by HRVAY November 18, 2012
A Cool Person Who is always calm and very humorous will always love his family and friends 100% The Best Person Ever
Harvey Is So Amazing .
by HG productions January 17, 2017
yo Harvey your nob is amazing and very big
by hotfuzzlond January 15, 2018