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Generally a smart, caring, intelligent, slightly sarcastic guy whose full name is usually Andrew. Also, very handsome and charming. Ass-hole tendencies are sporatic, but infrequent.
Hey, that guy's name must be Drew. That would explain why he's so hot and smart at the same time!
by booc0mtaco August 20, 2006

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The act of looking away when someone is entering their password or secret code into a document, terminal , or computer. A courtesy act of momentary privacy.
Hey, man. I'll give you villemacry while you put in your PIN number. See you outside.

I can't put in my password right with you looking over my shoulder! A little villemacry, please?
by booc0mtaco April 14, 2010

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adj., exhibiting the complete absence of expertise or understanding, that breeds within an individual a certain capacity and desire to express their faux competence, culminating in an irony so perfect, it needs no further definition.

a comment or statement that so ignorant, it must be trolling.
"His stuperior comments about how to properly ride a horse let you know he has no clue how its done."

"Don't read comments on YouTube. Most are stuperior, racist, or both."
by booc0mtaco August 06, 2013

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Totally awesome, or, the general response to a stunt or trick of high quality, and regard. To perform with utter, unadulterated awesomeness.
Dude, that was like the sweetest move I've ever seen!

It would be pretty sweet if you could pull off a 900.

by booc0mtaco October 26, 2004

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