A person (usually a middle-aged man with a Dirty-Sanchez like moustache), who uses public and crowded settings to molest and feel up those around him, under the pretext of "accidentally" bumping into them. Perfect settings for this include parades, dark corners, crowded lunchrooms, and sports stadiums, and tightly packed elevators.
Tina: "Oh my God, Jill, I was walking in a crowd to lunch today, when a corner creeper touched my ass."

Nate: "Esthela, thank you for being felt up by a corner creeper at work. It gave me inspiration to write this definition."
by Dixon Poop March 20, 2011
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(noun) A sketchy looking old guy that usually sits in the corer of a every pub where it's least lit and most shady.
Kevin: Dude, lets grab that table over there!

Jake: No way dude, its right beside that corner creeper in the red hat and shades.
by Shittalker February 13, 2010
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The new box in the top right corner of Facebook. A box that makes it much easier to creep on people/stalk them, due to it constantly updating and showing every little action performed by one of your friends with astounding efficiency.
Bill: I wish there was an easier way for me to creep on Theresa on Facebook.
Bob: Check it out man, they have this new thing called the Creeper Corner that allows you to see every little thing someone does. It's in the top right corner.
Bill: Awesome dude! Now I don't have to hit "refresh" or "most recent" every time I wanna see what she's up to. This new thing does the job for you!
by Ginormous D September 21, 2011
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