4 definitions by Ginormous D

How people get into a college they otherwise would have no hope of getting in to.
James: Yo I heard Tyshawn got in to Duke and got a full scholarship, too.

Bill: WHAT I cracked like 2000 on my SATs and had a 4.0 and I got waitlisted. He didn't even score 1000 and he had a 2.0.

James: Yeah but he's the number one basketball prospect in the country. He's on that athletic scholarship.
by Ginormous D April 17, 2011
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This girl I was tryna smash on Tinder wanted pics, so I asked her if a scrote phote was acceptable. She didn't know what I meant before the pic was sent- but now she knows.
by Ginormous D July 26, 2015
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The new box in the top right corner of Facebook. A box that makes it much easier to creep on people/stalk them, due to it constantly updating and showing every little action performed by one of your friends with astounding efficiency.
Bill: I wish there was an easier way for me to creep on Theresa on Facebook.
Bob: Check it out man, they have this new thing called the Creeper Corner that allows you to see every little thing someone does. It's in the top right corner.
Bill: Awesome dude! Now I don't have to hit "refresh" or "most recent" every time I wanna see what she's up to. This new thing does the job for you!
by Ginormous D September 21, 2011
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