Someone with a very large belly or big gut.
by Jack E Smith III April 28, 2006
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Originally referred to the Indian prince Siddhartha Gautama who was supposed to have lived in India near the modern border with Nepal and to have become enlighted at the age of 35, but later applied to other people who are supposed to have become enlightened. Gautama's enlightenment was the realisation that the main source of dissatisfaction ('dukkha') was clinging to self, things and desires, which are all empty of independent existence ('sunyata'). Confusion about the nature of things, for example the belief in a separate self is described as 'samsara' and freedom from it as 'nirvana'.

Contrary to common Western belief, Gautama Buddha did not invent the idea of reincarnation (this was the dominant belief at the time) and his philosophy taught liberation from both reincarnation and dependence on worshipping gods. Belief in reincarnation or other metaphysical ideas is unnecessary.
Boy, people have a lot of wrong ideas about Buddha, they even think he was fat, when in fact that was a Chinese monk who later became known as the Laughing Buddha.
by Buddhabing April 11, 2004
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1. The man who founded Buddhism
2. Slang for Cannabis or Marijauna, this is due for the "Tranquil" feeling when used.
1. A:Hey Mate youre a bhuddist, right?
B: Yeah I Follow my man BUDDHA.
2 A: Mate you got the weed
B: Yeah Mate We'll be "following" BUDDHA!
by I.Unrequit.Love17 November 29, 2017
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"Buddha in the lefthand, courvoisier in the right."
by Diego July 30, 2003
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A dude who sat under a tree for a while
Person 1: yo bro Buddha is so cool
Person 2: who is Buddha?
Person 1: this dude who sat under a tree for so long he figured out life
Person 2: we should make a religion out of this…
by DaddySnowyz December 27, 2022
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a man, a teacher who taught the way to inner peace... to stilling the fires of desire and attachment.
theres only one man i respect its the buddha.
by LuciferAKAZeke September 7, 2005
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refering to someone being so awesome, rad, the best ever that the only person's strife who could compare to theirs would be Buddha.
"dude. we're so awesome."
"yeah, i'm pretty sure we're Buddha."
by BaconBuddha July 2, 2008
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