A lame-ass excuse for when you can't justify something outrageous, but you aren't going to do anything it anyway.
The cops killed the child because of a "perfect storm" of human error.
by CleatusVD December 28, 2016
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When a combination of events causes an amazing, unforgettable night.
Ben: "Dude, 30's of Busch were on sale, so we got two!"
Josh: "I just met some thoroughbred dime-pieces outside, and they wanna party with us tonight!"
Noah: "There's no cover charge at the bar tonight!"

Tim: "...It's the perfect storm."
by Beave876 October 11, 2010
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When three events, usually beyond one's control, converge and create a large inconvenience for an individual. Each event represents one of the storms that collided on the Andrea Gail in the book/movie titled the perfect storm.
I had planned to go out tonight with my friends but then the perfect storm hit and now I can't do anything, my boss wanted me to work late, my girlfriend told me "we needed to talk", and my car won't start.
by TRex August 21, 2004
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A Perfect Storm in human form is a woman that keeps others stuck on them. These “Perfect Storm’s” (some unknowingly) make their partners fall deeply in love with them. You will also experience a whirlwind of all other emotions to the full extent within the relationship. Being with a Perfect Storm is very passionate, intense, and possibly toxic. You will love them, you will hate them, and you won’t be able to leave them. You are spent to the point of knowing you will never love anyone else, and do not want to. But a Perfect Storm can disappear as quickly as she came.
Jake hasn’t been the same since Liv left. She was his Perfect Storm.
by blahblahnopeblah May 24, 2018
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When 2 or more people release a rancid fart in a close proximity to each other.
dude, roll down the windows, we've just created the perfect storm!
by zwon December 5, 2008
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The Perfect Storm is created whenever many activities that individually would cause one to shit are combined into one ridiculous brew. A Perfect Storm could be created after a heavy night of drinking when someone decides they want to eat taco bell, smoke lots of cigarettes, drink a venti coffee, and then go on a long walk. The Perfect Storm is normally an emergency situation.
Guy 1: 'What the hell bro!'
Guy 2: 'What?'
Guy 1: 'i just realized that I have the Perfect Storm brewin"
Guy 2: 'bummmer man. your goose is cooked. this long walk has led us an hour away from a decent toilet.'
by hansmuff@krampus.com March 22, 2011
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When one takes a horrendous shit and after wiping their ass the toilet paper is blank.
Hey dude I didn't use up all you're toilet paper this time because I just had The Perfect Storm!
by billybobbitchtits January 7, 2011
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