i will not give such a stupid person an explanation of what A stands for
by The One You Call God September 30, 2020
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Where one gets f'd.

First used on South Park
by dr_gonzo May 14, 2006
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bruh. what are you doing with your life. im guessing its 2020 but who knows
lmao your bored
by i like tomatos March 26, 2021
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Stop it. We know that you are just bored but really, stop it. ITS A FUCKING LETTER. WHY WOULD YOU LOOK UP THE DEFINTION OF A LETTER. And if you didn't know the definition, how the fuck did you find this website.
You: A!

Me: Oh! What a wonderful speech! Even though its the FUCKING letter A. I REALLY LIKED THAT SENTENCE. FUCK.
by whywontitletmehavemynameasbit November 16, 2020
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"I didn't now the letter Awas A letter." Said Jarry

"You must be retarded Jerry." said Micheal
by Dirtyplant February 1, 2017
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