Famous word from a 7000 years old shark.
by A unprofessional weeb February 25, 2021
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Stop it. We know that you are just bored but really, stop it. ITS A FUCKING LETTER. WHY WOULD YOU LOOK UP THE DEFINTION OF A LETTER. And if you didn't know the definition, how the fuck did you find this website.
You: A!

Me: Oh! What a wonderful speech! Even though its the FUCKING letter A. I REALLY LIKED THAT SENTENCE. FUCK.
by whywontitletmehavemynameasbit November 16, 2020
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A for apple
by a!for!applee! September 29, 2019
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(noun) The first letter of the English alphabet; a vowel
When a child sings the ABC song, they first word that they say is A.
by +Henry+ May 19, 2015
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Why the fuck are you searching the letter A on this site? Are you a fucking idiot?
by Tree Bananas December 11, 2015
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