The day we all have been waiting for! You can flex about anything you want. You don’t have to be scared of people judging you or saying your a liar. Show them this as proof if they don’t believe you ;)
A: Hey quess what!
B: What?
A: I’m a furry! Hehe
B: Pffffffhahahahaha
A: What?.. Its the flex day! 9. July..
B: Furries are weird.
A: *I wish I never said that*
by ThatFurry October 31, 2020
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This day is the anniversary of Robyn’s Birth!
(Person 1): “Hey, did you hear?! It’s Robyn’s Birthday!!”

(Person 2): “Oh wow, It’s already the 9 July already??”
by luciferxxrobyn June 30, 2021
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bad bitches were born this day & are the best bitches alive, they love there family & they are very loyal, get you a girl like they,they the realest bitches youll ever meet
July 9, Bad Bitches 4 Life
July 9 is the best day
by July 9 babies (Cancer babies) October 16, 2019
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Oh its you that a friend Thats born July 9 oh yeah you probably Wear a fancy hat and tell stupid jokes but that’s ok you are at least hot as hell
Oh she’s hot and wear a hat she need to be born July 9
by Juja October 16, 2019
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Bad bitches are only born in July 9
by Pimmmppp October 17, 2019
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National make out and get a little handsy day, make out and touch wherever you choose, only rule is your hands can’t stay in the same place for longer then 3 seconds.
Bro it’s July 9
Yo fr? I’m boutta makeout with my girl
by Crackermuncher July 8, 2021
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