What you ask to find out if someone is stupid or not.
"Whats 9+10?"
"You stupid!"
by Annoying Piece of Shit? April 8, 2021
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Some would say its 19 but in fact its 21
Guy 1: What's 9 + 10
Guy 2: 21
Guy 1: no its 19
Guy 3: Bruh
by Ilovedrink November 17, 2021
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9 times out of 10

•means the chances are slim to none my G

•according to NYC urban legend, the term “9 times out of 10” was coined by viral Instagram comedian RAYYY RAYYY during the bandemic to explain that the odds - they are probably not in your favor…

• it’s another way of saying “I seen this sh*t before and here’s how it’s gonna play out..”
“If you’re from NYC , 9 times outta 10- you ain’t never seen the NYE ball drop in person”

“If she drives a Nissan Maxima, and has a least a dozen or more half open water bottles in her backseat, 9 times outta 10, you’re better off focusing on yourself king”
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jack:why i?
patlike:what 9+10?
patlike:no dumb. its 19.
unknow:s u s
by qer to 21 May 14, 2022
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