To deny re-entry, sometimes legally or by other force; to remove or ban from approaching certain places
A store has the right to 86 anyone who harrases or threatens their customers or employees, or the store itself(like shoplifting).

Thus, a customer who sexually harrasses an employee repeatedly, may be 86'ed at any time.
by AMandarin July 23, 2006
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To have abandoned or nixed
I 86'edmy project bcause it sucked.
by Jman December 21, 2004
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When a restaurant runs out of a certain item of food.
86 Prime Rib, someone just ordered the last one
by MJ December 23, 2004
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throw away something, to discard, to band some one from an establishment
He saw how bad the writing was on the sheet, so he 86'ed it.
by leojman October 20, 2019
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