4 definitions by 845.slangs

Weed or also used as money
-You bro you got any breesh on you to smoke
-Yo bro im broke trynna swing wit sum breesh
by 845.slangs October 12, 2019
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people that live in the 845 and dont fuck with snitches always has niggas backs no matter what

845 is an area code niggas put for their username on Instagram to let niggas know where their from
usually niggas with 845 in their username fuck with the gansta life they do what they want and dont listen to nobody expect for their real ones
by 845.slangs January 27, 2019
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846 are some irrelevant ass people trying to copy the 845 because they have clout . 846 are dick riding every single nigga off 845. 846 are really jealous of the 845 and what they are doing.The 846 is a fake gang .The 846 are straight pussy and clowns. 846 to this dick.
did you know that the 846 are trynna kopy the 845 lifestyle
by 845.slangs July 23, 2019
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