If this rule is applied to anything it must be permanently ignored for that point onwards.
This rule only applies to the speaker, however it is generally seen to be polite to not mention the subject in question to the speaker of the rule.
Speaker: "I call rule 83 on my ex-girlfriend!"
Man: "You can't be serious?"
Speaker: "Rule 83 is final!"
Man: "Fair enough, I can sympathise there"
by TLK1- The tall guy November 5, 2010
8!7(|-| ! !5 |_|83|2 |^\/\/|\|463!!!

by |_|83|2 |^\/\/|\|463 August 20, 2010
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class 83 is shitty
by ,dic April 6, 2018
83 electrons is a reference to the Periodic table, where the element with 83 electrons is Bismuth, which symbol is Bi,

If you say someone only has 83 electrons, it means they are acting bisexual/are bisexual or maybe they're just straight but being a bit too obsessed with the same gender.
Person 1: "Did you see john? He was looking at Paul's ass, i know he's straight but he was acting very gay."
Person 2: "He probably only has 83 electrons."
Person 1: "Yeah he does have a lot of chemistry with the same gender..."
Person 2: "..."
Person 1: "Do you get it? Chemistry? ...C'mon that was funny."
Person 2: "This is why your mom doesn't love you Carl."
by Ieatkidsforfun January 13, 2023
A bondage position involving three, eight shaped knots or handcuffs, binding the hands together, the feet together with the third knot or handcuffs joining the hands and feet to each other in front of or behind the body.
“I brought my rope this weekend. Do you want to 83?”
by Robert Winfield January 14, 2021