An absolute hellhole of awkward sweaty 13 year olds and annoying 12 year olds where every breath you take is tainted with Axe Body Spray. Any word said is followed by a swift "that's what she said!" No place is safe from angry teachers and dark jokes. Most kids either won't shut up for 0.0000759 seconds, and the ones who don't are extremely self conscious and will never talk to anyone. Most of your friends will join a clique and force you to join. Kids will be publicly embarrassed for asking their crush out. The worst year of middle school.
"Remember 7th grade bro?"
'I don't really want to."
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The grade where. Kids date for bout two weeks, kids don’t do shit in class, want to slam their head in a book, but can’t cause they’ll get their ass yelled at, and when all the thots, egirls and eboys, vscos, and soft girls and boys take over, 7th grade is going to be an actual hell.
Sarah’s in 7th grade, and her boyfriend broke up with her in a week of dating.
by Boicomeatme October 22, 2019
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used for the time bracket of years to days. usually applied incorrectly in sentences because, seriously, who really remembers 7th grade?
carl: i haven't seen that kid since, like, the 7th grade.
alex: you saw him yesterday.
carl: yeah, whatever d-bag.

by ccb90 November 25, 2008
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The grade where you start to get treated like a teenager and not a child. The work is harder, the teachers are meaner, and the girls are more slutty but I would still do anything to go back to the 7th grade.
{7th grade}
by 1andonly1238 December 10, 2010
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7th grade was a fuck in the ass. It was the worst best year of my life. So much shit went down and I still kept being a crackhead. I never learn from my mistakes. My girlfriend was a one of a kind gal. I hate to do this to ya but I’m sick and tired of the 7th grade bullshit. Kiss my ass fuckers 🗿
I loved 7th grade
by Gally gal gal December 08, 2019
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