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when a girl is in a rotating desk chair, spin her around 720 degrees whilst jizzing upon her golden locks.
oh shit man, you got man juice all over your head in an elliptical orbit. did he give you a 720 nutjob?
by lorna skank November 11, 2011
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When your fucking a fat girl cowgirl style and she jumps up and grabs the ceiling fan and she rotates around the ceiling fan 2 full times falls off and plops on your dick
Person1: That fat ass bitch Jenny levitated off my dick and grabbed my steel reinforced ceiling fan and plopped back down on my dick
Person2: yea dude that’s called a 720 whale twisty, she did that to me last week. Now my entire lap looks like a hippo gave me a hickey.

Person3: *takes a sip of his monster energy* yea dude same

Person1: step the fuck up Kyle that’s my donkey
by Slumpyaj March 9, 2019
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The next generation system of Microsoft. First came the X-box, then the X-box 360 (event though the system isn't a circle) and so it is assumed by most people that next will be the X-box 720. It is a reasonable name for the next gen. of X-box.

Sometimes used as a joke when asked if going to buy a 360.
Are you getting the X-box 360?

Nah, I'll wait for the X-box 720.
by GABEMSTR November 15, 2006
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The 720 scrotum twist is the most elite dance move to arouse anyone around you.
Mostly performed by many transvestites it is the most up and coming dance move and requires you to have a pair of wrinkly ball bags to back flip on and rub across the floor
Me: 'Wow man you really hit that 720 scrotum twist can you teach me how to do it'
Tranny: 'My scrotum is priceless i once tried the 1080 scrotum pussy squirt but ended up breaking my back'
by MrKiplingCock November 11, 2019
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During intercourse, the male pulls out, does a 720, shoves a sex toy into the females vagina, and then cums on her face.
Honey, I want to try a 720 banana shot tonight.
by Banana shot October 4, 2014
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